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Our Patented Technology Makes Buttoning Easy —Even That Top Button of Your Dress Shirt. See How it Works.

Jay Apparel Group’s Button–EZ® technology marks the next-generation in apparel button fastening:

  • Eliminates the difficulty of buttoning apparel due to arthritis and other ailments
  • Uses buttons treated and made with space-age technology that retracts and easily inserts into the specially designed button holes
  • Brings freedom from the constant struggle of buttoning, saves time and possibly solves the age-old problem of losing buttons due to forceful pulling Gives garments a cool high-tech feature that attracts both millennials and middle-aged wearers

Batton® and Feel the Comfort® Shirt Collections Deliver High Convenience and High Performance While Being Competitively Priced

Jay Apparel Group has revolutionized clothing by introducing functionalities and textiles that provide a new level of comfort and performance. By integrating our revolutionary patent-pending technology into our product lines, we deliver the ultimate versatility for the way consumers live today. We also license our technology to other apparel manufacturers.

Men’s button dress shirts are our specialty. Founder Jay R. Kapadia is a world-renowned expert in the development of the modern cotton wrinkle free shirt and has helped shape the Men’s Non-Iron woven business as we know it today. We also develop wicking products to help move moisture across fabric and cotton blends using bamboo and hemp to create breathable, absorbent and affordable fabrics.


Jay Apparel Group created Naturally Smooth™, our proprietary blend of cotton and bamboo. We developed this fabric to counter the rising cost of materials for customers who want a comparable look and feel of cashmere at a lower cost.


Our Batton® Collection of Men’s Shirts Feature Sour Chilled Cotton High Performance:

  • Fabric treated to leave a “cool touch” feeling on contact
  • Shirts made with all-cotton yarns that transport body moisture when it comes into contact with the fabric, spread it across the surface area, and accelerate evaporation
  • Fabric that dries 5 times faster than conventional cotton and offers good stretch and recovery
  • A high-performance blend of four distinct fibers, plus odor control,UV protection, and wicking moisture control equals the most comfortable weekend button-down you can find.
  • Easy buttoning using our patented BUTTON-EZ® technology


Offer your customers truly wash-and-wear dress shirts by harnessing our Beyond Non-Iron® wrinkle-free technology.

This product out performs your average non-iron shirt.