Fabric & Apparel Manufacturers Serving Companies in FL, GA, VA, SC, NC & All Over the USA

Fabric Production for Contemporary Consumer Needs

We source in-demand high-performance and specialty fabrics at competitive prices for clothing companies, brands and designers primarily in the US. As the complex global fabric landscape isn’t easy to navigate alone, we efficiently find out if the specific fabric you want exists and we manufacture it.


Today’s retailers and consumers are demanding very specific performance textiles made with new fibers which are being pioneered, including chemical finishes. As a retailer, designer or fabric innovation manager, you’re under pressure to respond to these fast-changing consumer preferences. Our professionals have extensive experience in problem-solving and handling different customer requirements. We currently manufacture fabrics from China, India and Taiwan, where we have solid high quality manufacturing capabilities.


Jay Apparel Group goes the extra mile in fully understanding your division’s fabric innovation objectives and strategy and allocating uncommon fibers for trending product lines.Our team thrives on fabric production challenges and excels at meeting them to service all levels of customer requirements. We aim to identify quality materials set against pricing objectives and minimum order requirements.

Our fabric manufacture team works with you to curate the perfect assortment of material and trim suppliers based on your design direction and production needs. Our fabric and apparel innovation service can be selected separately or in conjunction with our design and product development service.